Tiffany & Co. Rube Goldberg Machine

The Ask

Revive a heritage brand on the verge of turning stale.


Tiffany’s “Everyday Objects” collection showcases the brand’s sense of humor and ability to elevate the ordinary.


Show how Tiffany’s transforms the everyday into something extraordinary with an elaborate gift-giving machine.


Over the course of one week and with a budget of $100, we built a self-powered Rube Goldberg machine using everyday objects. 15 triggers lead to one unforgettable New Year’s Eve surprise. Hours of filming and machine-tweaks gave us one successful uncut take that encapsulates the true magic of teamwork. This project was tedious, painstaking, and ultimately one of the most rewarding to see through to completion.

Our team won 2nd place among a class-wide competition for best execution.

Team Tiffany: Jeff Dickson (Copywriter and Video Editor), Katie DiNardo (Art Director and Videographer), Jessica Fatherly (Experience Designer), Severin Didriksen (Strategist), and Alisha Taylor (Creative Brand Manager)