before finding brand strategy…

My last job involved replenishing top hats and false thumbs. I launched a whimsical storefront concept with a group of creative volunteers. Every purchase from Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Company supports 826DC, a nonprofit dedicated to amplifying student voices through writing and publishing in Washington, DC. 826DC is part of 826 National, a network of likeminded nonprofits serving young authors across the country.

After we launched, I became responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of the magic shop. My role as Development & Communications Manager expanded to include things like “repair secret bookcase door” and “refill fortune vending machine.” I learned to be resourceful, to solve thorny problems with collective input, and even perform a few card tricks.*

Among my favorite novelty products we brought to life:

  • Performance Enhancers (a line of candies for magicians, each flavor promising an essential talent) §

  • Premium Canned Laughter (a repackaged can of soup) §∆

  • Patron Saint of Magic Candles (to summon legendary spirits) ∆

  • Miss Direction’s Thin Air (you guessed it… an empty bottle) ∆

§ = I wrote copy and designed labels for these products

∆ = I generated early concepts and gave creative input on product development

Photos by Noah WiLlman And Dave Kriebel


some highlights


(*Please don’t ask to see these— unlike riding a bike, “sleight of hand” tends to vanish into thin air without practice.)